CMI - 7.30am
Rise & Shine (3 - 12 years old)

CMII - 9.30am
Kinders (18 months - 6 years old)
WKFC (7 - 10 years old)
Junior (11 - 12 years old)

CMIII - 11.30am
JC Kinders (18 months - 6 years old)
JC1 (7 - 10 years old)
JC2 (11 - 12 years old)

CMIV - 5.00pm
5 Loaves & 2 Fishes (3 - 12 years old) PSCom (Special needs children)

Children's Church
Our Departments


Department: Junior Church(JC) 2 - Tweenage Ministry
Age Group: P5 to P6
Time: 11.30am to 1pm
Venue: Basement Rooms
Approx. Size: 70 children
12 adult leaders
6 small groups
Team Leader: Danny Lin
Programme Format:
Worship/Main Hall 45 mins
Small Group 45 mins

Policies & Procedures:

First time visitors can look for the Team Leader/Asst Team Leader to enroll your child into the class.


Our leaders will be at the location for drop off at least 15-20 mins prior to each service.


Children will be dismissed on their own. Please inform your child's group leaders personally should you wish to make alternative arrangement.


Medical: in the case of medical emergency, parents and guardians will be contacted immediately. Under no circumstances will staff or volunteers administer medication to a child.

Building evacuation or Fire: all children will be ushered out through the appropriate exits and led to Fort Canning Car park C. Our volunteers have been trained to execute the evacuation plan smoothly. Please do not come to look for your child as this will result in congestion.